Generic Formula e-P

Generic Formula e-P
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Product Information

The e-Pendant (or e-Pebble) is a bio-resonance storage device weighing just 15g. It can be programmed and charged using the e-Lybra® 9 with bio-resonance patterns. These patterns, once programmed into it will continue to resonate for a minimum of 3 months at which point the strength of the patterns may start to decrease until reprogrammed again or with a new formula.  A Radio Frequency Identity Tag allows the e-Pendant/e-Pebble to be re-programmed as required at distance. The only difference between an e-Pendent and an e-Pebble is that the e-Pendent has a hole to enable a person to attach a cord to wear it round their neck or a split-ring to enable it to be attached to a medium-sized or larger dog's collar.  An e-Pebble can easily be carried in a trouser or shirt pocket to deliver its influence.

The e-Pendant/e-Pebble is made from a specially formulated proprietary mineral compound which has an inherent subtle electromagnetic field emanating from its programmable matrix. It becomes activated when in close proximity (within 75 mm = 3 inches) to the body.

Your first e-Pendant or e-Pebble comes with one of the Health Disk formulae included within the purchase price.  Please choose which e-P or re-programming with which HD Formula you would like from the drop-down lists above.  Your e-P will have to be already registered with Roger (or send him it's unique identification number) in order to be re-programmed from distance.

You can have a bespoke remedy sent at any point in the future if you so desire but you will need to provide your full name, Date of Birth and full address at that time in order for a bespoke formulation and programming to be performed. All re-programming can be done remotely either to update your e-Pendant with a bespoke remedy or any other formulae currently available.

Product CodeGEN8YBXA81
ManufacturerWorld Development Systems Ltd

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