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If you want to knock seconds or minutes off your personal best and make the leap into the top performer territory you have to include simulated altitude training into your regime. It is no longer a secret in the success of the major athletes the world over, they all know they have to include altitude training in their regime if they want to be competitive at the top level. Now you can get the effects they do for a fraction of the cost, and surprise the hell out of your team mates or local level competitor.

Suitable for use at home,  gym or training facility. The Cloud 9 Altitude Generator altitude training equipment is for anyone wanting to increase their performance. Altitude training equipment is known to boost performance significantly and this affordable equipment now makes it possible for anyone who is serious about their sport, even if at an amateur level, to benefit from professional standard equipment.

When combined with our mask, the unit effectively reduces blood oxygen levels which stimulates the body to begin producing red blood cells and increase metabolism, this results in driving the same effects as actual altitude training. This natural mechanism can also help in weight loss as well as in increased fitness, endurance and recovery. Many gyms are now seeing their facilities being used by people wanting to lose weight, as well as by those who wish to meet  a particular physical performance goal, and if used in combination with the right training regime simulated altitude training can produce rapid results in both cases.

You’ll need to Cloud 9, the connector kit and the mask to have a fully functioning altitude training simulator;

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The cloud 9 is simple to use, robust and easy to maintain.

Technical Details

  • Directly compatible with Sporting Edge altitude mask and tent systems
  • Attractive, quiet and powerful
  • Innovative range of associated equipment
  • Simulates altitudes 2,500m – 3,250m
  • High oxygen outlet with nasal cannula that can be used during recovery
  • Can tolerate relative humidity up to 90% – a first in devices of this type
  • Audible/LED alarms for loss of mains power, low pressure, high pressure, high temperature
  • Powered by standard 230v mains socket
  • Lockable casters for ease of movement

The Cloud 9 altitude generator is used in association with the Sporting Edge ‘Generator Connection Kit’ that includes kink free lightweight tubing with a 15 litre reservoir/silencer.  The ’15 litre Reservoir/Silencer’ has an additional connection port that is used when air demand is very high – typically above 90lpm.  For intermittent periods of high demand the port allows a ‘High Intensity Valve’ to be fitted, this allows a small amount of ambient air to enter the system as required.  For sustained high demand the port allows the attachment of a second Cloud 9 altitude generator so that the system air supply can then be as high as 180 lpm.

The Cloud 9 Altitude Generator (Patent Pending) featuring

  • Adjustable oxygen content between (typically) 15.0% O2 [2,700m] and 13.5% O2 [3,530m]
  • Maximum flow 90 lpm
  • ‘Recovery’ output of >40% O2 at 10 lpm with an included nasal cannula
  • Audible alarms for loss of mains power, low pressure, high pressure, high temperature
  • 230v, 500w power consumption
  • Low noise and with easy to move castors
  • Weight 27kg

Requires ‘Generator Connection Kit’ – supplied separately

Product CodeCLOH5D475
ManufacturerSporting Edge (UK) Ltd

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