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The following questions are a selection of those most fequently asked. If your question is not included in the list and is not covered by the explanation of "How it Works" please  and we will endeavour to provide you with an answer. 

  1. Am I supposed to feel anything when wearing the Health Disk? And if not how do I know if it is working?  
    Most people do not feel anything when wearing a Health Disk as it only influences the body on an energetic level if there is a resonance with one or more of the remedies (tracks) on the Health Disk.  Your body will only resonate with a remedy or remedies that are beneficial to your body so there are no known side-effects. You will know it is working when your symptoms are reduced.  Some people notice a change in symptoms within a few minutes or hours of wearing the appropriate Health Disk. For those with severe symptoms and for some of the formulae it can take a few days for noticeable changes to take effect. A few people get exacerbations of symptoms when first wearing a Health Disk.  This is a positive effect that is transient. We recommend in these rare cases that the Health Disk is worn for short periods or overnight for the first few days after which you will experience the full benefit of the formula.
  2. How many remedies are there on a Health Disk and how does this fit in with classical homeopathy of one remedy, one potency?

    There are varying numbers of remedies all in multiple potency according to the formula and your body will take out whichever ones it needs.  This is possible because the energy to "power" the remedy comes from your body. The formulae are based on complex homeopathy, flower essences and other energy medicine remedies.  They have been reported to be very effective.
  3. How long does a Health Disk last? 

    Due to the informational nature of a Health Disk its effect will last as long as the Health Disk remains intact.  However as with all types of CD, damage to the disk may impare its function which is why we recommend that a Health Disk is placed in the protective case when worn.  Whilst the protective case is designed to protect your Health Disk from everyday wear and tear it has a limited protective capacity if exposed to an excessive insult. We recommend Health Disks are removed during bathing or any activity likely to endanger its integrity or injure the wearer should an accident occur.
  4. Does it matter where a Health Disk is worn? 

    The Health Disk will function provided it is worn within 75mm of your body.  Most people either wear their Health Disk in its protective case in a shirt pocket or hung around the neck on a lanyard strap. We do not recommend wearing your Health Disk in it's protective case in any trouser pocket as there is a high risk of cracking and damaging the Health Disk when you sit down.
  5. I have a number of problems. How many Health Disks can I wear at once? 

    We recommend that you wear a maximum of 2 Health Disks at any one time.  The protective case is designed to take 1 or 2 Health Disks together.  Some Health Disks work very well in combination eg "Immune Boost" with any of the Health Disks aimed at infections such as "Colds & Flu", "Cystitis", "Sinusitis", "Thrush & Candida", "Ear Infection", or "Hepatitis".  "Hayfever & Allergy" works very well with "Insect Bites" - ideal for the Summer and trips to exotic countries with mosquitos etc.
  6. How long should I wear a Health Disk? 

    Health Disks should be worn when you experience symptoms or if there are risk times the Health Disk can be worn as a preventative measure.  eg the "Hayfever & Allergy" Health Disk should be worn whenever there is a forecast of a high pollen count or whenever allergic symptoms occur.  Women should wear the "PMS" or "Painful Periods" Health Disk according to the risk days of their monthly cycle.  Those using the "Weight Management" Health Disk should wear it for 3 weeks out of every 4 to prevent acclimatisation to the effect.  To prevent/minimise a hangover, wear the "Liver Balance" Health Disk from 12 hours prior to drinking alcohol to 12 hours after.  Excessive alcohol consumption is not advisable and the "Liver Balance" Health Disk is aimed at reducing hangover symptoms for those people who find relatively small amounts of alcohol cause hangover symptoms.  It works through supporting the liver but will not prevent intoxication and is not a substitute for providing sufficient time for alcohol to be processed by the body before driving or operating any machinery.  Although hangover symptoms will be significantly reduced the medical implications of binge drinking will not be prevented and excessive drinking is likely to result in a hangover albeit reduced in severity.
  7. Will a Health Disk cure me of my complaint?  

    Health Disks will not necessarily cure you of your complaint.  Users often report that symptoms are effectively controlled for up to 95% of the time*. If symptoms are briefly experienced the Health Disk usually helps the body regain control very quickly.  A small proportion of people experience a brief exacerbation of symptoms when they first wear a Health Disk for a certain problem.  This is an indication that the Health Disk will effectively control symptoms and should be viewed as a positive reaction.  We advise the small minority of people who experience exacerbations to wear the Health Disk for a few hours each day or night and gradually build up usage over the first few days.  Although some people may experience greater benefits over a period of time, Health Disks are intended as an aid to condition management only.
    * It is NOT recommended for anybody with a potentially life-threatening problem such as a serious peanut allergy to stop taking normal precautions or to rely entirely on the use of a Health Disk to energetically control their problem as it is impossible to guarantee 100% cover 100% of the time. 
  8. What about my current medication? 

    If you are taking over-the-counter medicines (eg. anti-histamines for allergies) that you currently alter the dose according to symptoms yourself then you can reduce or stop taking the medication according to how well you find the Health Disk controls your symptoms in the usual way.  If you are currently taking prescribed or prescription only medicines you should discuss how best to reduce your dose with a view to stopping medication in the long term with your Doctor or health practitioner. Some pharmaceuticals require a gradual withdrawal so it is dangerous and completely unadvisable to simply stop taking prescribed medication without a monitoring system in place. The data sheet included with your pharmaceuticals should tell you if there needs to be a gradual reduction of dose.
  9. Is there anything I can do to enhance the effect of a Health Disk?  

    Yes!  You can cultivate more resonant energy with the remedies by enhancing the internal environment of your body. We recommend that you talk to a nutritionist or other health practitioner to discuss appropriate changes in lifestyle.  Many people have found beneficial health changes by taking supplements. You might like to consider having a bespoke Bio-resonance treatment for yourself which is aimed at helping your body energetically re-balance itself over all. An energetically balanced body is less likely to experience health issues of all kinds. Enquire at Natural Healing Solutions for more information on enhancing your health.  Enquire at Natural Healing Solutions for more information on these approaches. 
  10. Is there anything I need to know about preventing a Health Disk from losing its programming?  

    Basically your Health Disk will retain its programming under the same conditions you would expect a normal CD or DVD to retain its quality of audible/visual playback. That means you need to look after it!  We recommend you use the protective casing at all times preferably under your clothing on a lanyard strap around your neck.  Do not wear your Health Disk in a back trouser pocket.  In addition it is not recommended that you put your Health Disk in danger during physical /contact sports or through potentially harsh experiences such as the washing machine or when bathing! Remove it if going for hospital  x-rays etc although airport security doesn't appear to cause the Health Disks to lose their programming. 
    Warning: Any attempt to copy a Health Disk will result in the original losing its programming and will not be successful.


**The statements made herein have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, or anywhere else in the World. These  products that are intended to influence the body on an energetic level should be considered to be experimental.  They are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease from the conventional understanding. The information provided herein and any information contained on or in any product label or packaging is for informational purposes only and not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional. You should consult a healthcare professional before starting any diet or exercise program, before taking any medication or supplement, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem.**

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