Enhancing the effects of Health Disks

The effects of Health Disks can be improved by ensuring that the internal environment within the body is optimised for health.  There are various other supplements that are available to help in this regard.

Regain the Virility of your Youth

Having improved the internal environment within your body and having energetically helped to control the symptoms that have caused suffering using Health Disks, why not slow down and even reverse the ageing process?  There are a number of products that slow various aspects of aging from controlling hormone level deterioration to skin appearance and brain function.  These are all available in the Webstore. 


Health Disks: What are they? 

                              How do they work?

Before we can answer the questions above it is necessary to explain some physics that enables us to understand the scientific rationale behind the whole Health Disk phenomenon.

Background Information


The Physics and Chemistry

All molecules are made of atoms which are bonded together by energy. These bonds have a characteristic bond energy that is well tabulated in Chemistry text books. Characteristic bonds energies by definition of being characteristic must also have a characteristic vibration (frequency) determined by the bond energy and the bond length. These characteristic bond energies and vibrations for individual bonds interact to give larger molecules and physical objects an overall characteristic vibration or frequency for the overall object as a result of the summation of the parts.


Our body is no different. Different metabolic processes and structural molecules within different cells give individual tissues within the body their characteristic vibration. Different tissue types together give different organs their own individual characteristic vibrations which sum up to give an overall body frequency. 

Modern biophysics has shown that intracellular DNA resonates with coherent vibrations and emits photons (packets of energy). The intracellular DNA has radio-like transmitting/receiving properties enabling intercommunication between cells and control of biological systems. Normal healthy function can be identified by correct wavelength balance and it is noted by bio-physicists that healthy biological systems resonate coherently at wavelengths in the range of 10Hz -150kHz. These wavelengths can be obstructed by resonance of similar wavelengths produced by a poison, toxin, virus, bacteria, electro-magnetic pollution or allergen (something that causes an allergy) amongst other things. 

Prof. Cyril Smith of Salford University has shown that allergic subjects may develop allergic symptoms not only in the presence of a sealed allergen in a glass tube but also to the frequency transmissions of the same allergen generated by means of an electronic resonator. It is evident that it is the physical vibration properties of matter as much as the chemical properties which trigger the allergic response.

What is a Health Disk?

A Health Disk is a mini-CD which has had the characteristic frequencies of various remedies stored on it in the same way as a music CD stores tracks and songs. 

The human ear can detect music when an audio CD is played because the music falls within a certain range of frequencies in the audible range. When these external frequencies interact with our hearing mechanism our brain interprets these as “sound” or noise depending on your taste in music!!  Likewise Homeopathic and any other medicinal remedies (including pharmaceuticals) have their own characteristic vibration. These frequencies are outside the audible range of frequencies which is why we don’t hear them! However, like audible frequencies, the frequencies of medicinal remedies can be digitally stored. The fact that they are outside the commonly recognised ranges of hearing or seeing or feeling does not preclude that possibility. We know radio waves are all around us even when we cannot hear them. We need a FM or AM tuner to be able to listen into the sounds carried on the radio waves. Some people can train themselves to consciously detect vibrations outside the normally perceptible range of one or more of their senses.  For the rest of us, our cells will still receive these energetic vibrations without us consciously knowing.


Hayfever Health Disk

How does a Health Disk work?

Certain remedies that are commonly used to treat conditions are stored on the Health Disk like “tracks” on an audio CD. Although the characteristic vibration of each recorded remedy is stored on the Health Disk there is very little energy associated with it which means a Health Disks is almost entirely informational. When a Health Disk is worn within 3 inches of the body, it interacts with the energy field of the wearer. Provided the remedies on the Health Disk are resonant with the energy field of the wearer, resonant mana energy of the wearer will enable the remedy to induce a change within the wearer to ease symptoms as the wearer's cellular activity is influenced. As a Health Disk is therefore informational it will not induce changes in wearers who do not have resonance with the remedies contained on the Health Disk. There are therefore no adverse side-effects unlike conventional medicines which have both information and energy that can induce changes in the body regardless of resonances. 

Kirlian photograph showing the human energy field


**The statements made herein have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, or anywhere else in the World. These  products that are intended to influence the body on an energetic level should be considered to be experimental.  They are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease from the conventional understanding. The information provided herein and any information contained on or in any product label or packaging is for informational purposes only and not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional. You should consult a healthcare professional before starting any diet or exercise program, before taking any medication or supplement, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem.**

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