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The following testimonials were unsolicited reports from our customers who have been very happy with the results of wearing one or more Health Disks.  If you would like to submit your testimonial for consideration to be included below as to how your Health Disk has improved your quality of life please .

"The Liver Balance Health Disk certainly helped me with my hangover. I wouldn't have been able to carry on working let alone ride the horses before being lent it! I'm definitely going to get one of my own!! " 


JS, Wiltshire, UK

"I thought the Muscle and Tissue Health Disk might help me recover more quickly from my cycling so that I would improve over time. What I wasn't expecting the day after wearing it for the very first time was to knock over 1 minute off my PB for my training circuit!" 


RM, Suffolk, UK

"Normally when I get motion sickness I'd have to stop the car to throw up! Midway through the car journey I remembered to use my Travel Sickness Health Disk.  I didn't need to stop and by the end of the journey I felt much better. I was impressed as I was already feeling sick befofe trying it and I didn't expect the effect to be so powerful. I'll be sure to use it on long car journeys, ferries and flights in future." 


JHB, Oklahoma, USA

"I've tried many Hayfever remedies and cures but the Hayfever Health Disk gets my prize. It is saving me a small fortune in ongoing costs for anti-histamines and nasal sprays." 


DD, London

"I know the Osteoarthritis Health Disk is working because my fingers are less swollen and sore and I am going to have to get my rings made smaller." 


BR, Kent, UK




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